Turkish proverb about grifters

The proverb’s point is that, in general, judges who allow the guilty to go unpunished will be seen as unjust and as a detriment to society. There are proverbs in the Bible found outside the book of Proverbs itself, in both the Old and New Testaments. In the New Testament, Jesus is the master of teaching in parables, which we could consider an ... Kātahi ka hoatu kia kotahi te rā hei rerenga mō Tōpia, ā, i muri tonu iho ka kīia kua tangata hara ia, ka pānuitia atu te £1,000 hei utu mōna me e hopukina ana (TTR 1994:195). / Tōpia was given one day to get away, and after that it was declared that he had become an outlaw, and a reward of £1,000 for his capture was announced.

2022.01.17 17:10 swence Turkish proverb about grifters

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2022.01.17 17:10 janetliy2001 Anyone needs an Ourbus discount?

I got Ourbus gift card worth $200 for my Christmas present. Am Selling it for $120 cuz I’ve switched to driving and it wont be of much use to me anymore . Can be shared with friends and family so its a pretty good deal. (Unused gift card) lmk if anyone is interested.
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2022.01.17 17:10 Sceptile4president Beggin’ but it’s a Drumline cadence

Not sure if this is a good subreddit, but I figured y’all would enjoy it!
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2022.01.17 17:10 Local_whorelol ✨Free✨ocs dm me for the codes

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2022.01.17 17:10 GCBicki 3 (not that important) Wishes 🙏

I kindly ask you to forward the following 3 suggestions to the respective team. Admittedly not super important but would make things easier and should not cost much effort to implement.
I suggest...:

  1. ... to always keep the same order for the holes in tourneys: Par 4 - Par 3 - Par 5, Par 4 - Par 3 - Par 5, Par 4 - Par 3 - Par 5. It would make it much easier when looking at scorecards if you guys used always the same rhythm. Then we would know that holes 1, 4, 7 are always the par4s, etc.
  2. ... to remove the function in the Clan Inbox that when there is multiple messages that it jumps back to the top after a few seconds. Since it's newest is at the top, it's a struggle to read thru them chronologically. We are all used to scrolling by now in our lives 😉
  3. ... to deactivate the cool down period for clan presidents to send multiple clan (inbox, not chat!) messages. It's pretty unlikely a clan prez would spam his own clan. Since there is a limit of 240 characters per post, it regularly happens that it's not enough and clan prezis have to send multiple messages. Then having to wait roughly 5 minutes in order to be able to post again is just a nuisance.
Thanks for considering it 👍
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2022.01.17 17:10 mycatisan_alligator What a retarded thing to say

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2022.01.17 17:10 lightbulb-sandwich Hear me out

What if our account profiles had the option to add a mini description?
With a limit of about 150-170 characters, you could type out something you wanted, as long as you kept it clean and appropriate. And maybe a limit on how often you could change it, if that was needed as well.
I want to hear your thoughts and opinions, if you agree with my idea, or even if you think it's a bad idea and explain why.
I personally find myself thinking about this way too often. It could completely improve how the players interact with each other.
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2022.01.17 17:10 TheShredShed_real Does anyone else have issues with their OHT?

After gripping something tightly with the pliers they don't open very easily. They opened bett when they were new even. Is this an issue for anyone else?
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2022.01.17 17:10 _poochi OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 custom authenticator to support multiple Username & Passwords

I'm working on a digital vault app and it has a concept called Group Login where multiple members can create a group to store shared assets securely.
In order to login into the vault of this group, at least 2 members of the group should enter their Username/ Passwords on the login screen. Do note that this is a business requirement. For example:

On the Login Screen: 
Member 01: Username Member 01: Password Member 02: Username Member 02: Password
This app is just one product in the system and there are other products such as web apps. Considering this, I have decided to use Keycloak to manage the authentication of users in a single place using OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.
I understand that the above-mentioned group login behavior is not supported by OpenID Connect and OAuth2 in Keycloak. Considering that, I have decided to write a custom authenticator for Keycloak to handle this requirement. But I'm not sure if that's the ideal solution or if it will violate the OpenID Connect and OAuth2 protocols.
My simple question here is: is it acceptable to customize OpenID Connect and OAuth2 to support a scenario like this. If not, what's the ideal approach to handle this?
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2022.01.17 17:10 ColinsPunkRockWorld Album Review: Twistin' The Knife Away by Heart & Lung on Red Scare Industries

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2022.01.17 17:10 elf0curo You can't see the eyes of the demon, until him come callin. There's no stopping what can't be stopped, no killing what can't be killed.

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2022.01.17 17:10 TurtleKing0505 A quick announcement on behalf of another creator.

Many of you may know the user HannahJane1234, formerly known as Reddit008Xx.
She has had frequent issues with Reddit, and so has moved to Instagram. A friend of hers has reached out and asked me to share the link:
Thank you for your time.
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2022.01.17 17:10 prawnbiryani #unsplashcats #cute #adorable #kittens #cats #followformore

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2022.01.17 17:10 EnvironmentalLie9186 Deep Rock Galactic co-op

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2022.01.17 17:10 Hoven_MayorNHL LA Kings Projected Lineup vs. San Jose Sharks; What To Do About Kempe’s Spot

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2022.01.17 17:10 SkullCapJoe finally quit

After months of garbage planograms the store stealing our tools and rising expectations that could never be met me and most of the mst team organized a mass quit and the team is now down to like 2 full timers on the verge of quiting and a revolving door of part timers so good luck to them i guess
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2022.01.17 17:10 SampleSwimming8576 The crossover nobody asked for

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2022.01.17 17:10 rlewisfr Sanity Check - Load Bearing Wall

Yes, I know, another one of these. Consult a structural engineer, your house is going to collapse, check the direction of the joists. I know all of this.
In this case, I have determined that the wall in question is not load bearing, but wanted to kindly ask for some confirmation (or opinions to the contrary). When I purchased the house, the inspector told me that with traditional storey and a half brick farmhouses like mine, the upper floors usually do not have structural load walls.
To aid, I have created a gif showing the various walls.
I have identified the basement wall, and the main floor wall as load bearing. However, the upper floor walls do not seem to fit the criteria, especially the GREEN REMOVE wall on the 2nd floor.
The attic has traditional rafters, and I believe the ceiling joists in the attic are for ceiling support only. Given that there is nothing below the wall in question (and indeed in that whole side of the main floor) led me to my conclusion.
Thoughts would be greatly, greatly appreciated!
Thanks reddit!
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2022.01.17 17:10 Horse-Cock-Harry I got a sherb tattoo!!

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2022.01.17 17:10 xxChadwick69 A stairway in an abandoned farmhouse

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2022.01.17 17:10 LiquidLuckGaming Here's a short little guide I made on when and how to hyperroll or slowroll. Hope you like it!

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2022.01.17 17:10 Mysteriozone Quick 2022 Room Tour Video

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2022.01.17 17:09 Pestics Was made new designs for my wave based co-op survival game. The previous ones was trash so i hope theese are better. Any opinions for now?

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2022.01.17 17:09 TsRetour Ils sont fous, ces Chinois:L’unique cas du variant Omicron qui a été détecté en Chine est arrivé par la poste, du Canada, prétendent les autorités chinoises.

La patiente qui a contracté le variant Omicron avait reçu le 11 janvier du courrier qui avait été envoyé du Canada le 7 janvier, et qui a transité par les États-Unis, puis par Hong Kong, avant d’arriver à Pékin, ont affirmé les autorités sanitaires chinoises.
« La possibilité que la personne ait été infectée par le virus via le courrier international ne peut être exclue », a déclaré Pang Xinghuo, directeur adjoint du centre de contrôle et de prévention des maladies de Pékin, a rapporté lundi le Global Times, un média d’État chinois.
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2022.01.17 17:09 Harrythegost Helping an International Discord Server get more Members from Costa Rica 🇨🇷

Hey! This is international server. This is a server with people from every country where the people from those countries gather to learn about other cultures countries etc. We have specific channels for every topic where you can chat about everything!
Many Languages Channels
Meet people all over the World From Cuba To Tuvalu
Friendly and Caring Staff
Self Assignable Roles
Gamenights, Events.
And more!
Link: https://discord.gg/8CgcqAdgRS
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