Nigella Sativa Powder Extract Dosage

2022.01.17 17:03 ForEachCell Nigella Sativa Powder Extract Dosage

I’m trying to figure out how to measure out a dose. It’s says to take 200MG. I have fraction teaspoons that go as low as 1/64 and up to 1/4 tsp.
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2022.01.17 17:03 FitReflection5548 Help!

I've been with my roommate for about semester both are sophomores , everyday after he is in the room he starts bragging about his major& professors and talk to me about the same thing everyday even if am busy. I've tried many things to make him stop but none has been successful even telling him to stop. I went to the housing administration but it seems that they don't allow moving out this semester.
Any suggestions?
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2022.01.17 17:03 NiiazAI TinyPaws NFT giveaway!

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2022.01.17 17:03 KiboIsSad Tabbes has been gone for a year. Last I heard her Twitter was hacked. Any updates?

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2022.01.17 17:03 matchstickjay My first attempt, what do y’all think? Give up or keep waiting? More info in comments

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2022.01.17 17:03 Happy_Movie1952 Motorcycle Road Trip DAY 6 - Cherohala Skyway, Richard B. Russell State ...

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2022.01.17 17:03 desyoueup Jan Photoshop Battle Entry

Seeing all the entries here makes me feel like a noob, but still i will post my one. Maybe i will make another one, or maybe not. But Just wanted to say you guys are amazing and i love your videos benny.
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2022.01.17 17:03 nateture Investment growth calculator.

Does anyone have a calculator for investment growth they would recommend? I'm considering going with the 3 fund portfolio approach.
I'm not sure how to calculate it since they all have different growth rates.
I'm not a math wiz, can someone explain how to to this step by step?
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2022.01.17 17:03 snowywinterberry Should I expect rejection?

This is my first time applying to PhD programs so I'm not sure how the timeline works. I haven't heard back from any of the programs I applied to. I haven't been explicitly rejected but I haven't been contacted to interview either. Should I just expect that I'm going to be rejected or is there still hope?
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2022.01.17 17:03 internetfood Let's play a game called "guess the truck by the interior." If someone has already commented what you think, upvote their post (and comment if you want).

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2022.01.17 17:03 ombresaco Minecraft in Esperanto spielen

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2022.01.17 17:03 1337speak [King] Ime Udoka said he stayed with Aaron Nesmith as long as he did because his “energy and intensity” helped change the game.

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2022.01.17 17:03 SidewalkSavant I made this awful meme and someone suggested I post it here.

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2022.01.17 17:03 Falafel-my-waffle Waiting for the moass-o-meter to start moving

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2022.01.17 17:03 Altrot [Request] Vector Mechanics for Engineers: Statics, Beer et al., 12th Ed 9781259977268

Hi there I cannot find this textbook anywhere! I can't afford to buy it so please someone help me out:
ISBN: 9781259977268

Thanks a ton!
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2022.01.17 17:03 DelmarSamil I get paid to do what I am told, not what I feel needs to be done. Ok!

This will be a bit long, sorry. I also must be intentionally vague in places as this was on the news a while back.
A decade ago, I was an admin for a hospital. One of two admin, a couple of techs, and a few application support people and a couple of programmers. Our boss, the IT Director, let's call him Fred, had a temper. Whenever something happened, if we didn't go directly to him for guidance, then he would get angry. Now, most of the team, he never yelled at or got mad at because he didn't know enough of IT to understand their jobs. For some reason, probably due to my demeanor at the time (not anymore, thanks to him) I just took it and did what was asked and what was needed, he would take his anger out on me.
It was so bad, that the team often referred to me as "the sponge", able to take Fred's red faced yelling and after he vented, he was fine for a few days until something else set him off.
The catalyst:
One morning, our primary outward facing web server died. This was not unexpected, as I had been telling Fred that it was old and needed a refresh but he called me an alarmist and said as long as we had a system backup (we did) that it wasn't an issue. I mentioned if hardware died, we would have to have the hardware handy but it fell of deaf ears./shrug
Well, when it died, I got an alarm about it and was in the data center trying to get it back up and running when Fred comes in and tells me to get it working right away. I tell him I am already on it but it is looking like the raid controller is hosed. That I doubted I could get it up soon and that I would need to harvest parts from decom servers to build one if he wanted it today and to order a new server immediately that the specs were in his email from me.
He tells me that I have 30 minutes to get it back up and running or I will get written up for refusing an order and for neglecting my duties. I reply, that even if I could get a server built and OS loaded in that time, it was going to take more than 30 minutes to copy the data over to the new server and that I cannot change the laws of physics to suit his fancy. He replied with, you now have 29 minutes and walked off.
Yea, he wrote me up for it. I took an hour to get it operational and the data took about as long to copy but it was up in under three total. If I didn't sign I would be terminated immediately, so I signed it but added (under duress).
The beginning of the end:
A few months later, Fred came to my desk and asked what I was doing. I told him I was going over patches that needed to be applied to various servers and hardening the ones that could not be patched for various reasons. Fred asked me, who told me to do that? He had assigned me a job and he expected me to get it done. The job he had assigned was setting up a laptop in one of the conference rooms for a CPR refresher class, that was next week. It was wednesday and I had all day that day and two more days to get it done. He chose me and not a tech because.. well, I never knew why honestly. Even the techs were baffled but you never argued with Fred.
Anyway, I explained that I had plenty of time to get that done and would ensure before I left on Friday that it would be waiting and I would even come in early to brief the presenters. Well, that wasn't good enough. Fred proceeded to yell at me for 30 minutes (in his office with the door closed per usual) about how I was insubordinate and he paid me to do what I was told, when I was told to do it and that anything I thought that needed to be done, I was to immediately forget it existed and do only what was assigned by him. I was to be at his disposal at any time (I was on call a lot too) and that unless something was physically on fire, I was to do only what he explicitly assigned to me. I said, ok...
Cue Malicious compliance:
For the next several months, I did exactly as he instructed. I did not mention patches or scan for vulnerabilities. I did not even log into a server at all unless he told me I needed to do something specific. I didn't even restart services or disable terminated users unless he told me to. We would get a list of terminated users each week but unless he told me to work the list, I did nothing.
The other admin did the same as well, since it would have made his job impossible if he did it all.
Then, one day I got asked to apply for a position with corporate. I went to the interview and they already knew who I was and basically said they wanted me. They mentioned that policy stated they had to tell Fred and I told them that if Fred found out, he would fire me because he wouldn't like the promotion over him (the role would have made me over his data center but not his team). They said they doubted he would do that, so I said ok.
Well, sure enough, when Fred got wind of my promotion, he fired me. The worst part, he fired me in a way that made it impossible for me to get the corporate job. They recinded their offer. No reason given but (after speaking with a lawyer, it got changed to resigned because he would have made it impossible to work for him if I had returned)
The fallout:
A few weeks later I had another job (better pay and I was the IT Manager). About six months later, they had a data breach. Was nasty and all over the news. Fred was "encouraged" to resign. I learned much later that someone from my old team had contacted corporate and told them what happened and why Fred fired me and he got in really hot water. Then, the data breach happened and he was going to be fired and he knew it so he resigned before they could fire him.
I looked him up a few times after that. He tried life as a contract project manager but never finished any projects. Now he is retired. Wonder why....
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2022.01.17 17:03 _sangeeth_007 That's on another level

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2022.01.17 17:03 casualphilosopher1 Ernestine Shepherd | World’s Oldest Female Bodybuilder (80 yr old)

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2022.01.17 17:03 kirbieirene Considering asking my ENT for a tonsillectomy but I need input.

I get sore throats ALL the time. Like pretty much every other month. I also get frequent tonsil stones, I snore like a truck, and frequently when I have the sore throats they are accompanied by neck pain/ear pain. I have not seen an ENT yet, but I have heard promising things about people with problems similar to mine that have minimal throat issues after getting a tonsillectomy.
I have an appointment with an ENT the beginning of February. Everything I have read makes me believe this would improve my quality of life but I am worried about finding a doctor that will do it. Although I get sore throats often I literally can’t afford to go to urgent care unless it is absolutely unbearable. Normally I just take a shit ton of Advil all day to help the pain. I know a lot of doctors want you to have documented bouts of tonsillitis or strep. I have only had things documented twice this year when I went to the doctor because I couldn’t take the pain.
How was it getting approval for your tonsillectomy? Do you think it would be hard for me to find a doctor that would believe me? Also any tips for recovery that I should know would be appreciated ❤️
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2022.01.17 17:03 Prudent_Spend_5176 #Storm AKA #Rebecca #TheLilAngryAstrologer Hit👍🏿 #HowToMakeABaby😂🤣 #Imma...

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2022.01.17 17:03 Ahshizherewasemkay Found this on Pinterest

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2022.01.17 17:03 shayo88 Turn Xbox 360 into Xbox One

Sorry if this is a silly question but is it possible to put an Xbox One into a 360 casing?
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2022.01.17 17:03 NiiazAI TinyPaws NFT giveaway - Please upvote, drop your wallet and join the Discord.

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2022.01.17 17:03 what-why-ok I’ve been sick but felt cute. 27F

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2022.01.17 17:03 EkkoJungleWorks Do people hate Garden of Salvation because of the divinity quest or because of the raid itself?

Just wanted to post this cause after talking with some guardians and helping some friends get their divinities done I wanted to see what other people think. Personally I don't think divinity is that hard of a quest with the right team but finding the team can be the challenge for some people. I also think that the raid looks amazing and going for the enlightened title was a bit annoying because of some mechanics (thinking of you stop hitting yourself) but definitely do able. as I have finished all my raid seals so far (except vault of glass cause I took a break and need to power level again) without a dedicated team and almost exclusively through the in app lfg. So is it the fact that people struggle to maybe find the right team via lfg and may not have a regular raid group or just the mechanics and bugs that annoy people.
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