Please, GT mycelium look like a coral.

2022.01.17 15:52 idlanrafiqi Please, GT mycelium look like a coral.

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2022.01.17 15:52 BrassShrike My boyfriends mom has forced him to break up with me twice, and I'm afraid it's going to happen again when he tells her we're still together.

Hello! I just found this forum and I am so thankful. I've been dating my boyfriend, a Vietnamese 22 year old amazing man for almost a year now! (Will be a year on the 24th)
We've been dating long distance. Constantly texting and video chatting every night. I even spent a couple weeks with him in July and going to be going and seeing him again next week!
He has tried twice now to tell her about me, and that he wants to make what we have work. Both times have turned into 2 hour+ lectures about how he shouldn't be with me, and has ended with him breaking up with me because she says he has to. The both times we ended up getting back together because he truly wants to be with me.
Some of the reasons she doesn't like me is because I stream and play video games(which he has to sneak play because his mom doesn't want him playing them.), because I'm older than him and the man should be older than the woman to be the dominant one, I have kids, I'm nothing but a distraction and I had dyed hair.
There are probably too..
She says she will never approve of this relationship which is sad since my bf and I are big family people.
I know eventually it's going to have to come up again. I'm afraid he won't stand his ground against his mom, or will get disowned if he does. This has been so hard. Any advice? Not sure when we'll tell her again, but we're avoiding it for now since she threatened to kick him out if he continued dating me. Just anything can help, I feel lost.
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2022.01.17 15:52 meripami Eddie Bauer Electric Blanket issues

Finally got my blanket connected. You have to hold power button down and then you plug it in. Release button and blue lights should flicker. Now add product through the RH Sleep app.
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2022.01.17 15:52 HaloArtificials I decided to curse the world with yet another Tenet shitpost video:

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2022.01.17 15:52 Ally3396 Y'all should check out Unicorn Drip - Alpha Girl 😍 if you like it, give it a ♥️

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2022.01.17 15:52 DropOfSoap $2000 budget cant decide between MacBook Pro 2021 and M1 MacBook Air 2020 US

I’m a beginner student and idk if I really need my M1 pro MacBook it’s not the money I’m worried about. I just want whatever will help me most through college. I’m very indecisive so I would appreciate some suggestions please :)
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2022.01.17 15:52 _anybody Cost of masks and tests deepens a pandemic wedge between the haves and the have-nots

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2022.01.17 15:52 merrr8383 What does this curved line mean?

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2022.01.17 15:52 dist0rti0n PTS Crashing on startup

Is the PTS build crashing for anyone else?
For me, the loading screen starts (the one with the TV-esque logo) and then it freezes. I can't even alt-F4 or use task manager to close the app.
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2022.01.17 15:52 doesntgetthepicture Looking for a good virtual escape room for 2 people.

My wife recently did an in person escape room before omicron hit. She really liked it. I have never done an escape room before, but since she liked it I thought about finding a virtual one we can do together.
I know nothing about escape rooms, or how to find a good/reputable one that is good for only 2 people online. I did a search and it was a bit overwhelming. Also, it can't be too hard since I'm brand new to this and my wife has only done one.
Any suggestions or guidance as to where I should be looking or things I should be looking for in my search, or just sites that you like and recommend would be helpful.
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2022.01.17 15:52 kurviibeloo Is 120hz worth it?

Like is it nice for the first couple of days and then you get used to it and its like normal or is it fluid all the time. How much battery does it drain?
Im considering between s21fe and iphone 13 and i wanna know is 120hz worth it in a day to day experience?
Also ive heard some issues with the displays that support 120hz like green tint and flickering
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2022.01.17 15:52 Rexoc400 Growing up is realizing the “it is what it is” mindset isn’t good for you

All that mindset does is overtime make you insensitive and lose your emotions. Some things are worth caring about. Also, it’s not realistic to think that you could possibly just ignore all of your problems.
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2022.01.17 15:52 Perfect_Specific1722 has anyone ever had heart problems after regular stims use?

especially if you overdose ....
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2022.01.17 15:52 logicalprogressive The big picture: 65 million years of global cooling

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2022.01.17 15:52 PumpkinExpert2092 Is there any data where you can see how long your council is taking to process property searches?

Is there anywhere that has accurate information on the service levels of each council in terms of returning property searches? Like mortgage provide will provide current turn around times: eg This shows (at the top) application to offer times as well as other stats too.
According to this:
We are buying in a council with a very quick turn around time, but are being told searches will take 8-10 weeks and there is nothing that can be done. Our vendors are putting pressure on to move quickly and are adamant they have been told they can get their searches back in 2-3 weeks and said something about a firm call globalx.
Out of interest too, could some explain the difference between a personal and regulated search and which one our solicitor is likely to have used?
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2022.01.17 15:52 schefar Kids ask the snowplow dude not to do it so that they can keep enjoying it. Their reaction is priceless.

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2022.01.17 15:52 Aer0spik3 A few questions now that I’ve played 200+ hours.

Please be gentle I have a soft brain. There are a few things that I still haven’t figured out in my time playing, and thought I would reach out and hopefully discover the answer to them.

  1. What are the rules when scavs begin mumbling when you’re next to them? Does this only happen when you’re also a scav or does this happen as a PMC as well? Does this happen automatically or can rogue scavs prevent or disable this?
  2. How do you calculate the damage of a bullet? I’ve been wondering how damage is calculated and how armor depletes as they’re damaged. Not sure how it works.
  3. Why can’t some items be sold on the flea market? Notably some expensive items that I’ve found in raid like face shields, etc.
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2022.01.17 15:52 elaria_ehab When 2 set say go practice

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2022.01.17 15:52 JAGeighteen Skull and Crossbones

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2022.01.17 15:52 This-Spend7480 Elite carry request - supplyeggies

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2022.01.17 15:52 jucythighs Hot oatmeal on a cold winters day

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2022.01.17 15:52 DavidClue3 My (very negative) thoughts about the comic

This is going to be extremely long. After all, It's a very long comic, so there's much to talk about. I'll start this post with a somewhat brief explanations of my issue and problems I had with the comic book, then I'll get into more detail in a spoiler section section, expanding on what I've said in the non-sopiler part, and giving some examples to show what I meant.
First, I want to point out that this is just my opinion. I didn't come here to hate or anything, it's just that I saw that many people here claim the comic to be extremely good, and I felt very differently about it, so I wanted to share my own experience woth the comic and give a counter argument. Hopefully this will provoke some interesting discussions.
So I've watched the show back when it came out and I absolutely loved it. It is one of the best TV shows to come out in 2021. After the show's amazing finale, I really wanted to know what happens next. I knew that there's quite some time until the next season comes out, so I figured reading the comic would be a good Idea, which led me to buying all three compendiums. As I was reading them, I've seen many people on this sub giving the comic extremely high praises, some even claiming it to be the best fiction ever written. I couldn't help but heavily disagree with those claims, but I was yet to finish the comic back then, so I that thought maybe when I'll finish it, I'll understand what people are talking about. It took me a while to finish all of the compendiums, but a few days ago I finally did. And I still heavily disagree with those claims.
These are my major complaints about the comic, spoiler free:
Nothing has actual consequences. Every few issues there will be some absolutely crazy stuff happening. stuff that in other stories would be considered to be by far the most insane thing to happen in those stories. The thing is, there's a reason why not many stories do all that crazy stuff. It's because it would be really hard to properly handle those insane stuff and integrate them into the story in a way that makes sense while still managing to tell a coherent story. The way Invincible 'avoid' this issue is by not integrating it into the story at all. What I mean by that is that those things will happen, but they'll have a very little effect on the story. Something absolutely absurd and insane could happen, but then, just a few Issues later it will rarely be brought up and it will have very little consequences on the story. Some of the times it would just be baits - something you're led to think is actually big happens, but then it turns up it was nothing. Other times there will be some very weak excuse that'll undo everything. But most of the times that crazy thing that happened would apparently be very easy to fix and the characters just won't give a shit about what happened, even they should heavily care. All of this led to really not care about anything at all. The craziest thing that in any other story would leave my jaw on the floor would happen, and I just wouldn't care. I wouldn't care because I knew that everything will be just like it was in a few pages.
Another issue I had with the comic is that sometimes it just gets too crazy with what's going on. I am not the one who'll watch game of thrones and say: "hey, wait a minute! There are dragons in here and dragons ain't real! This is so dumb!'. No, I know that the storyteller sets his own rules for the world he builds for the story and he can do anything he wants as long as it makes sense to the story and its world building. Well, turns out there are limit, because with this comic, it's just too much. It's pretty evident that Kirkman makes up anything he could for the story to continue the way he wants. The story way too often relies on adding to the lore mew stuff in order to progress the story. Time travel, alternate timelines, different dimensions, crazy alien tech, you name it, it's all there. To some extent it would be fine but It's just way too much. it's hard to follow and it makes the world building very shallow. At one point, in a moment that was supposed to be super serious and set an emotional climax, things got so fucking ridiculous I couldn't help but laughing out loud for a good minute.
The lazy writing can also be find in the way characters are written. The characteristics and traits of the characters are spelled out instead of being shown. It's not always like that, but many times it is. It can be seen best with characters that are (supposed to be) in love woth each other. they will tell each other stuff like "you are the love of my life I won't let anything bad happen to you", but we won't see what led them to have this chemistry. We don't see them developing the relationship to the point it makes them say that, we're just left to assume they did develop their relationship in such way because they said that. If it wouldn't be spelled out to us by these conversations or by the characters continuesly having sex, we couldn't tell they were a couple. And it's not only happens with characters that are a couple (I'll have examples in the spoilers section). This sort of thing isn't necessarily bad. It is lazy, but sometimes it's fine to use it. It is not fine when it happens so much and with so many characters. That's just very lazy writing, and it's exactly what happens in here.
Now for my biggest gripe with the comics: Pretty much every major character is extremely dumb. So many of the story's plot points are starting from someone that was acting immensely dumb. If everyone in the comic were thinking straight like a normal being with a brain, you'd had to cut off like 70% of the comics. Now, I know that nobody is perfect and people can make mistakes, but not so many people and not so many times. When so many plot points come from your main characters being exceptionally stupid, it gets really frustrating and it makes it really hard to care about the story and the characters.
And now, I'll get into spoilers territory, expand on my points and provide examples.
Comic spoilers Comic spoilers Comic spoilers Comic spoilers Comic spoilers Comic spoilers Comic spoilers Comic spoilers
Nothing has actual consequences
At a certain point of the comic (around the end of the first book) you're starting to realize what Kirkman is continuously doing in this comic, which is baiting you. It happens so much when it appears that something big has happen which could lead to very interesting outcomes, only to then having Kirkman say "sike!", And acting like it never happen.
• Nolan is an extremely evil alien who'll destroy everyone on earth without hesitation? Lol, sike! By the next time you'll see him he is already a good guy and he is extremely sorry for what he did. Allen the alien gets ripped into pieces and is floating in space? That'll have no consequences. just a few patches and he'll be okay in a few weeks. • Oliver starts acting evil and as if he doesn't care about humans? He'll change his mind about it and it'll never have any consequences and will lead to nowhere. And by the time it does seem like he is back at it and doesn't care to kill the entire human race with the scourge virus, just two seconds after he used the virus (which also had zero consequences), he fully regrets it and now he cares again for human life. • A huge war that got Millions of people dead after what angstrom Levy did is barely discussed on after a few Issues. Sure, it was really cool seeing all those different invincibles destroying everything and that fight was amazing, but it came from nowhere with the dumbest justifications and after a few Issues everyone barely talks about or even mentions it. When I first read it I thought that after such an event nothing will ever he the same, but at the bottom line, the only effect it had on the story was Rex, a very minor character, dying. That's it.
And these are just very few examples. Maybe you could say that these changes makes sense in the story and have good excuses for them to happen (some of them do. Many don't), it still creates a very big issue: All of these baits led me as the reader to not give a single fuck about anything that happens. So much so that when the main character was vertically ripped into two halves, I couldn't care less, because I knew that somehow he'll be just fine in just a few issues. well, in that case, it turned out that I was wrong, because he was fine after literally two pages. And stuff like this happen so much. I mean, yeah the gore in this comic is amazingly drawn and cool as fuck but it has no meaning or substance. With the ridiculous technology available for hospitals in Invincible's universe, when a character get 80% of his limbs ripped off of him and his Intestines spilled on the floor, the effect it has on the story is equivalent to a character getting a paper cut in any other fiction.
Many plot points lead nowhere
As I read through the comic, I could really feel how it was all written with no actual planning ahead, with Kirkman writing ideas and plot points before knowing where it will take him. I don't know if that's how it was, but it is certainly how it felt to me. •The most obvious is setting Omni-Man as the bad guy. He obviously thought that it was a cool Idea (which it definitely is. The whole show is built on this idea, executed it perfectly and it was amazing), but then when he looked at the story afterwards and about what he could do with it, he realised he needed Nolan to be a good guy, so he quickly backed down on the idea of him being the bad guy. • The scourge virus is also a great example for this. It seemed like Kirkman realised that a planet full of Viltrumites will be impossible to beat, so he added a virus that reduced the population to 50 Viltrumites, which will be a much more reasonable battle to fight and win. That's fine and all but then later he realised that he did wanted a fight against millions of Viltrumites so he had Thragg making himself an army of millions of Viltrumites. But then he realised again that it was to much so he backed down on it and got all of the Viltrumites to give themselves away with just a few sentences from Thragg's daughter which changed the new Viltrumites' entire beliefs and behaviours they were developing their entire life. •Mark fucked up big time with the whole dinosauros saga (which was insanely dumb), was pretty much called a villain (rightfully so), but by the end it really didn't affect anything at all. The public still loved and Mark's allies pretty much ignored the fact that he caused the death of thousands of people and continued like nothing happened. Robot was the only one who gave him shit about it, but that also didn't lead anywhere. Robot didn't even tried to kill him when he was on his guardians of the globe murdering spree. It looked like there was an attempt to make this cool thing of Mark becoming "the villain of his own story" but that was done in such a sloppy way with zero depth in it.
And now to the most terrible thing about the comic:
Everyone are super dumb
It's actually crazy. At a certain point in the comic, almost every major plot point starts from one of the main character acting incredibly stupid with an insanely tiny amount of logic. Here's a few examples:
• Cecil trying to start a fight against Mark even though he knows he can't win the fight and that if he loses, he will have the most powerful being on the world not on his side.
• Mark releasing Dinosauros for absolutely no reason other than him having a single digit IQ. when he said Dinosauros was right I was stunned. Like, what?!?! No bitch he ain't right! You could've made this solar plant station in every other place in that huge desert that surrounds Las Vegas! They used only 0.1% of that giant desert as a place for a solar plant station, and that 0.1% is where 100% of people that live in that desert lives! Which is thousands of people that could continue living happily of you chose to build your station everywhere on that 99.9% where people didn't live! That shot was so fucking dumb.
• Dinosaurs second 'plan' for fixing the world was also insanely dumb, I don't even have to explain why because even Dinosaurs himself realised it was (although he didn't get the full scale of how dumb it was).
• Nolan not killing Thragg and releasing him let us, the readers, know from who Mark inherited his single digit IQ. Nolan himslef was set off from earth to space and reached to a planet where you could rule in a matter of months and make children in a matter of weeks, which will be teenagers in a year. What the fuck did he think would happen? And even if it wasn't on his mind when he decided to release him, what possible outcome of releasing him would be something less than terrible?
• Why did Cecil kept Conquest alive? What the fuck did he think would happen? He could've easily get rid of one of the strongest Viltrumites there is, yet he chose not to.
• Allen going to release the scourge virus as quick as he did even though he has a few years untill the Viltrumites actually start expanding on earth and then some more years untill the new Viltrumites get their power, yet he decides that there is no time to figure out any solution that does not include killing all of humanity. And the virus didn't even work at the end smh.
• Also, Robot is also dumb. Yeah, I know he is supposed to be the most genius man to ever live, but that's only shown retroactively, or just by having him knowing a bunch of information. What I mean by that is that we rarely see him actually being smart and we only see the results of him being smart, while not actually seeing what he did to cause these results. It's not much like that in the beginning of the comic, but towards the end of the comic it is very much like that. We see him getting to be the ruler of the Flaxans by him just somehow knowing the future, and then we see him being a good ruler, but we don't see how he got that planet to be in the good stare he led it to. And later on when he takes over earth, he solves wars, crime, poverty, drug use and unemployment, but we don't see what he actually did do cause. We just need to assume that ye was able to do that because he is smart.
And there's nothing wrong about that. You can have a character's personality spelled out without conveying it in the story. You can make a character genius just by saying he is genius and without actually showing him living up yo what you built him to be. I mean, it is lazy writing, but it's not always 100% necessary. The thing about Robot, is that when we actually see him do stuff, some of it is really dumb and it doesn't align at all with how smart he is supposed to be (same thing goes for Dinosauros as well). For example, why the fuck did he kill Cecil and so much superheroes before he executed his plan to save the world? As we clearly see after he kills them, his plan worked perfectly and now everything is 100 times better, so why the fuck would Cecil or those superheroes prevent him from achieving this goal? I mean, all we saw him do was making a lot of very efficient robots. How was it any different than everything else he did thus far? Why would Cecil oppose to that? Why would those superheroes try to stop from doing that? It makes zero sense.
Another very stupid thing he does later on is trying to start a fight with Mark when he has an army of millions of Viltrumites on his side. I don't even need to explain why this is very stupid.
This thing about Robot being stupid while he supposed to be a mega genius is also a testimony on the poor way characters are often written in the comic which leads me to my next Issue:
The characteristics and traits of the characters are spelled out instead of being shown
Examples for couples who are in love: from the top of my head: Nolan and Debbie, Mark and Amber, Allen and Telia and Robot and Monster girl. It's not only on that aspect of two characters that are in love. As I've shown in my previous paragraph, it also applies to Robot and Dinosauros, and besides, just to name a few more examples, Oliver (why would he hate the human race? The only human people he knows are really good and nice) and Cecil (he is super dumb, why does he have this extremely important role?).
As I've said about Robot, this sort of thing isn't necessarily bad. It is lazy, but sometimes it's fine to use it. It is not fine when it happens so much and with so many characters. That's just very lazy writing.
The lore gets way too crazy
I'll give one example for it which I think can sum up this problem pretty good. Yes, this is where I laughed out loud. When The Guardians fight the Flaxans after Robot and Monster Girl lived 700 years with them, and then their giant leader came up and removed his mask and it was revealed that he was actually the son of Monster Girl, born after she had sex with an alien lady from a different dimension and got her pregnant while she was in monster form. I mean, come on. There's a limit to how much ridiculous your story can get with me still taking it seriously.
And it's all a real shame because this comic had so much potential. As I've said, the show is amazing and it basically tells the same story. Well, a small, one of the better parts of the story, but it's still the same story, told infinitely better. The Viltrumites are amazing villains and the reveal of them being the villain through the amazing twist with Omni-Man is brilliant. the art is great and the fights in the comic are absolutely insane.
The potential is there and it's big, but the story is not nearly focused enough, and there are many plotlines that leads to nowhere which distracts the story from its stronger parts. I think that with good editing, cutting out what's not necessary and making the better stuff more tight and focused, this story could actually be really good. It's exactly what the TV show did with the first season, and it was amazing, so hopefully the next seasons will follow through.
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2022.01.17 15:52 Hot_Significance_208 yes. tell me I its worth it?

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2022.01.17 15:52 i_fuckd_ur_mother If you pay you can stay

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2022.01.17 15:52 radddchaddd [USA-OR] [H] Samsung Odyssey G5 27" 1440p 144Hz, TP-Link AV1000 2-port Powerline ethernet Adapters, Acer KA242Y 24" 1080p 75Hz [W] PayPal, Local cash

I am actually in SW Washington, but will meet in Portland metro area or just outside depending on location.

Item Price Notes
Samsung Odyssey G5 27" 1440p 144Hz 1000R Curve $250 OBO Bought new late 2020. This has been my main monitor since I got it. I recently switched to an ultrawide so selling this one. Only considering local sale at this time.
TP-Link AV1000 2-port Powerline ethernet Adapter $50 OBO Open to shipping this item. Just don't have a use for it as I moved my setup out of the room that I used these in.
Acer KA242Y 24" 1080p 75Hz $80 OBO Also bought late 2020. Used as a secondary when I started WFH more. Hasn't seen much use in a few months. There is a slight scratch (photo of scratch) that you can see with the monitor off. This was from a monitor light that was sitting on top. Also only considering local sale at this time.
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